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Sports health in Palafrugell



If you need physiotherapy sessions, Gran Fondo Community has asports health center in Palafrugell.

Price. 45€/Session

Sport Nutrition

Our professionals will design for you apersonalized diet.

  • 1st visit. 60 Euros
  • Follow-up visit. 40 Euros


Osteopathy, like physiotherapy, is a tool that can help us to recover from our consolidated injuries and we will also provide you with apreventive treatment.

Price. 45€/Session


Sport massage

By applying the chiromassage technique, the professionals at our Palafrugell sports health center will help you prevent pain andimprove muscle tone.

Price. 32€/Session

Stress test

Medical review withbasic stress test

  • Initial anamnesis on clinical history
  • Basic physical examination
  • Resting electrocardiogram
  • Submaximal stress test
  • Results report
  • Price. 55€

medical review withstress test PRO

  • The same points as the basic stress test
  • Weight and body composition analysis
  • Maximal stress test
  • Analysis of the results and determination of training zones
  • Results report
  • Price. 90€

Sport psychology

Our sports psychology team will help you improve your sports performance.

Price. 90 Euros/Session

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