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Guided activities in Palafrugell


indoor cycling

Come and enjoy indoor cycling at our centre in Palafrugell where we offer you a dedicated space boasting between 20 and 25 static bikes for both instructor led and virtual classes. This activity is focused on working on various muscle groups, particularly in the legs.

Functional training

Our centre also offers spaces dedicated to functional training. These can be used individually or in small groups of no more than eight people. The objective of functional training is to strengthen and tone the body’s muscles in a logical sequence of exercises following the natural demands of our day to day lives.


Mat and reformer Pilates

We offer you the best conditions for Mat and Reformer Pilates. Mat Pilates involves a slower and gentler exercise, connecting your mind and your and breathing, whilst, Reformer Pilates calls for higher intensity training.

  • Improve your awareness and body control
  • Strengthens muscles and joint mobility
  • Increases flexibility

Zwift zone

At our zwift zone, you can do your training, participate in races, events and train as a team with your cycling friends.

We have 6 bikes Stages SB20, which allow a millimetric adjustment of your position, double crank potentiometer and a very real pedaling sensation. Total connectivity, with all your training devices and applications.


Personal training

Yoga gives you the tools you need to develop a fluent connection between movement and breathing to help you control your breathing and your heart rate,  which leads to increased power on your bike and helps make your muscles flexible resulting in them becoming less vulnerable to injury. Our centre boasts the ideal space for practicing yoga.

  • individual personal training
  • Personal training as a couple
  • Personal training in trio

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