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Get to know our bike tours around Costa Brava and all of Catalonia

With our bike tours along the Costa Brava and throughout Catalonia, you will be able to discover a large number of landscapes. We have several routes that adjust to different levels of difficulty. And you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and level of training. We have several cycling routes, bike tours and morning rides available that you cannot miss.

And we have divided theminto routes for flat terrain, with small climbs or routes with a climbing profile for the most experienced. And with the possibility of bringing your own bike or renting one of the ones we have at Gran Fondo Community.

Why Gran Fondo Cycling Tours are GREAT?
Gran Fondo is a cycling community located in the center of the Costa Brava. Our hope is that all cyclists can enjoy cycling in our region, getting to know our surroundings and our most spectacular corners in a safe and fun way. We will accompany you through all the most spectacular roads and trails in Catalonia and the Costa Brava. We are professionals in the sector, with lifelong experience in cycling. In Gran Fondo you will enjoy the combination of cycling, gastronomy and tourism in a pleasant and carefree way.

Catalonia, cycling paradise. Why?

The Costa Brava is the cycling paradise par excellence. Spectacular views, covered by trails and exceptional roads. A combination of flat, undulating terrain and even mountains of a certain entity, ideal for all cyclists who want to enjoy ideal temperatures for cycling at any time of the year.

1 day routes

Route A ¨La Ibérica¨ (70km 550m)

Tour the most beautiful Iberian villages on the Costa Brava between narrow roads rarely used by cars.

Route suitable for all cyclists, since the orography is very flat and the small hills are insignificant.

Ultimately enjoy the interior of the Costa Brava and its most special corners.

Fairly flat route but with some “slopes” of little hardness, which circulates through narrow roads in the interior, passing through some of the most beautiful Iberian villages on the Costa Brava.

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Route B ¨La Romántica¨ (71km 830m)

Never before doing “La Romántica”, could you have imagined pedaling through such spectacular corners by the sea. From Playa de Pals and up to Palamós, you will go through the entire Cape of Begur and the central coves of the Costa Brava along the most beautiful roads in our area.

It is not an easy route, since the Cabo de Begur area has constant ups and downs, and in some cases with hard percentages. It is true that, on the other hand, the beautiful views of the sea make it much more bearable.

Route with some short but hard climbs along some roads that border the coast from Pals beach to Palamós. Passing through the wonderful coves of Begur. The views of the sea, the Medes Islands, the coves, etc. are spectacular. The ascent to the Sant Sebastià Lighthouse is also to be admired. In short, a route that falls in love.

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Route C ¨Volta Sant Grau¨ (93km 1240m)

Completely flat route to the coastal town of Sant Feliu de Guíxols. From there, we enter one of the most popular and beautiful roads on the Costa Brava. Dirección Tossa de Mar, siempre al lado del mar con un continuo sube y baja hasta llegar al inicio de la subida a la Ermita de Sant Grau. This port is, without a doubt, the most beautiful in our area. Steady climb of about 7 km, with the greatest difficulty in the final section after passing through the hermitage.

Once crowned the port we will go towards Romanyà de la Selva, this port of less importance than the previous one, but with the last 2kms also of some hardness.

From there favorable terrain to Calonge and flat return to Gran Fondo, passing through the Sterratto de Palamós.

Route with a climbing profile with the mythical climbs to Alt de Sant Grau and Romanyà. The views along the road that runs along the coast are spectacular.

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Route D ¨Volta a les Olives¨ (77km 660m)

The start of the Volta a les Olives is on flat land and on inland roads with very little traffic. The first of the two elevations or difficulties of the route is the ascent to the town of Foixà. A slope of approximately 1km in length but with some demanding ramp.

After Foixà, we will cross the river Ter through Sobrànigues, and we will go to Les Olives, another easy climb that gives our route its name. This climb is very comfortable and a little longer than the previous one.

After the ascent of Les Olives, the rest of our route is about enjoying the plains of our area.

Route full of “ups and downs” along some spectacular narrow roads that run through the interior of the Empordà. A good part of the route borders the River Ter and we even crossed it at two different points.

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Route E ¨Volta a la Ganga¨ (74km 630m)

Every cyclist from the Baix Empordà will have started their first routes with the Coll de La Ganga. La Ganga is the best known and busiest climb for cyclists in our region, as it takes you from the most beautiful villages in the interior of the Empordà, to the sea.

Very flat route, crossing again narrow roads and medieval villages. Finally, ascent to La Ganga by the Bisbal slope. Beautiful descent to Calonge, and beautiful return to Gran Fondo.

Route with a rather flat first part that circulates along narrow and beautiful roads, passing through some of the most beautiful villages of the Empordá. And in the second part you ascend to the mythical rise of ¨La Ganga”

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Route F ¨Volta als Àngels¨ (90km 1110m)

The climb als Àngels is the mythical climb in the Girona area. It is the port where most professional cyclists in the region have trained. We will climb the most demanding slope, which is about 5km long. Once crowned the port, we will go down to the capital, Girona. From there, a flat area until the next mountainous difficulty, Santa Pellaia, a very easy pass and with few percentages.

From Santa Pellaia to Gran Fondo, the terrain is practically flat.

Route with a climbing profile with the mythical climbs of Als Àngels and Santa Pellaia. These are the climbs most used by professional cyclists residing in Girona.

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All routes include
  • Specialized local guide
  • Coffee Briefing before departure
  • Energy bar or gel
  • Bottle of Gran Fondo Community

multi-day routes

Day 1
Dalí Route
Day 2
Day 3

DALÍ ROUTE (115km - 1149m)

Perhaps the most emblematic character of the Empordà is Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), one of the most outstanding painters of surrealism in the world. The Dalí Route takes us to one of his favorite corners, the fishing village of Cadaqués.

In the heart of Cap de Creus

The profile is completely flat until the start of the Perafita climb, a road that takes us into the heart of Cap de Creus. Once crowned this beautiful port, descend to Cadaqués, to visit one of the most charming towns of the entire Costa Brava.

Back to Perafita, the ascent is not too hard, and we will continue with a nice descent to Port de la Selva, another coastal place that will not leave us indifferent.

To the Monastery of Sant Pere de Roda

From there begins the most demanding section of the route, the ascent to the Monastery of Sant Pere de Roda. From that point we have spectacular views of the entire Bay of Llançà.

The descent of the port takes us away from Cap de Creus, and takes us back to the plains of Alt Empordà, where we will finish our first stage in its capital, Figueres.

MDM (90,5km - 1486m)

The Route to the Sanctuary of the Mare de Déu del Mont, takes us to one of the most privileged points of Girona. If the clouds allow us, from this place we can see the province of Girona from one end to the other.

Start in Figueres

This stage begins in Figueres, and we go through undulating terrain to the foot of the port. The ascent to the Mare de Déu del Mont is very demanding. Initially we have about 7kms that are quite bearable, but the last 11kms are really hard. The climb continually has demanding ramps, although they are affordable since between ramp and ramp, we always find small breaks.

To Lake Banyoles

Once we have reached the pass, we must take precautions, since the descent is very technical. Descent to Besalú, a beautiful medieval town in La Garrotxa.

From there until the end of the stage, we will always find favorable terrain until Lake Banyoles, where our route will end.

VISIT ROCACORBA (93,50km - 1433m)

Your tour of Girona cannot end without visiting the mythical Rocacorba. This port is one of the most demanding in Girona, and well known for being one of the reference climbs for professional cyclists in the region.

From Banyoles to the beginning of the port

A small warm-up from Banyoles to the beginning of the port. The ascent of about 13 km, begins with 2 km quite easy. From there we have a hard section that leads us to a break of almost 1km. From that point, it is a very hard climb to the top, except for another small break of 500 meters with 2km to go to the top.

Cross the capital of cycling

Enjoy the views, and be careful with the descent. From there to Girona, easy and beautiful terrain between fields and local roads.

After crossing the capital of cycling par excellence, we head to Gran Fondo passing through the popular Alt dels Àngels, which takes us to the plains of Baix Empordà. The route ends by flattening roads and beautiful corners of the Empordanet.

Multi-day routes include
  • 3-night hotel accommodation on a half-board basis.
  • 2 lunches/meals in recognition restaurants
  • Road bike rental
  • Provisioning en route. Our supplies will be complete, both drinks and food, with gels and energy bars for each outing. At each exit there will be at least one stop to take a break and enjoy the GRAN FONDO refreshment station.
  • Health insurance.
  • Assistance and support van.
  • Guidance of the GRAN FONDO routes by experienced cyclists, qualified and fluent in different languages.
  • 3 guided routes
  • In case of breakdowns, our GRAN FONDO mechanics will leave your bike ready for the next route. ATTENTION! (The damages and flaws generated by misuse of the client, will be charged to your account).
  • Tourist taxes.
  • In each route there will be stops or small tourist visits in previously selected places.
  • Extras:
    • Pick up and transportation from the airport to the Hotel and return.
    • Photo book of the trip
    • Single room
    • Activities and complementary visits
    • Road bike + (medium/high range)
    • Post route massage
    • I photograph on the road
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