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Biomechanical Study for Bikes and Cycling

Biomechanical adjustments for cycling

We often find ourselves with tremendous pain in our legs and buttocks after a ride. These problems are common amongst cyclists and are due to poor positioning on the bike. Gran Fondo Community offers you the chance to take a biomechanical study  which will allow our team to provide you with suggestions to improve your posture.

Retül system

The Retül system is an advanced biomechanical analysis tool and is the most accurate currently available on the market. At the Fondo Community we use it to adjust pedalling and improve cyclists’ performance. Optimal posture on the bike helps you achieve more comfort, better performance and a more enjoyable bike riding experience.


Bike Fitting in Girona

We are the reference for Bike Fitting in Girona. We carry out biomechanical studies focussed on cycling which involve body measurement and bike adjustments to ensure that both rider and machine are working efficiently. This means we can define the right size of bike for you and help avoid injuries.


Biomechanics 1 bike – €160

Biomechanics 2 bikes – €220

Cleat adjustment – €25

* Materials not included

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