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Repair or servicing?

At the Gran Fondo Community centre in Palafrugell we offer abike repair shop, which specialises in repairing and servicing your bike. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice rider or or an experienced cyclist, your bike needs to be in the best possible condition! And it is that, whether you have already started your journey in this sport or if you are going to start, it is very important to have a bicycle that is as well prepared as possible.

Your reference workshop on the Costa Brava

We are a Technical Reference Center and we have a wide range of products and spare parts for all brands such as Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo, Rockshox and Fox, among others. In addition, our mechanics are in continuous training of all the news. Hence we can guarantee the quality of the work we provide.


Some of our bike review/repair services

Basic Review (€38):General condition assessment, gear adjustment, brake adjustment, chain lubrication, tire pressure adjustment.

Advanced Review (€57): All points of the basic review, chain and pads assessment, steering and bottom bracket assessment, cleaning and polishing.

Pro Review (€76): All the points of the advanced review, check and adjust fluid level, greasing of headset and bottom bracket, adjustment and tensioning of spokes, tightening of screws.

** Parts/spare parts and labor not included.

Fork Maintenance (from €85): Disassembly and cleaning, replacement of oil, seals and O-rings. Lockout, pressure and rebound adjustment.

Shock Absorber Maintenance (from €55): Disassembly and cleaning, replacement of oil, seals and O-rings. Lockout, pressure and rebound adjustment.

E-bike maintenance (€57): Cleaning and adjustment of connectors and sensors, software update, fault memory review and error removal.


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The more information you provide us, the faster we will assist you on the day of the appointment.

Terms and conditions

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"The repairs will be carried out within 24/48 hours from the reception of the bicycle" "The workshop managers reserve the right to modify the appointments depending on the daily workload , always prior notification to the customer" "The delivery time of the bicycle may be affected by the lack of supply of spare parts"
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